Consciously made.

Our mission is simple: clean, planet-friendly ingredients, sparkling scents, and super effective formulations. The result? Aussie made, pro-planet, cruelty-free body care to keep you smelling good.

Responsibly packaged.

Wildhood packaging is recyclable and earth-friendly. We use 100% recycled plastic for our deo cannisters and body mist lids, and 30% PCR in our mist bottles.  Our shipping mailers and boxes are made using recycled materials and printed with vegetable dyes. We’re not planet perfect, but we are trying to be (all while keeping you
smelling sweet in the process).

Thoughtfully designed.

We’ve made taking care of ourselves easy. No sticky pastes, suffocating sprays, or soggy cardboard – just a slick stick or light spritz of scrumptiously scented, clean, hardworking goodness that looks cute on your bathroom shelf and holds up in the bottom of your bag.


Wild in spirit.


We believe

We believe in more than selling products.

We believe in kindness: to others, to our bodies, and to the planet.

We believe in positivity, laughter, inclusivity, sunshine, confidence, simplicity.

We believe in doing our best, where we are, when we can.

We believe the best form of self-care is being in nature and moving our bodies.

OUR story

Hi there.

Between us, we have a gang of teens, and like many of you, we couldn’t find clean personal care products that matched the energy and attitude of our active and adventurous kids.

Combining our love of great design, sustainability and beautiful products with efficacy, we created Wildhood.

At Wildhood we want to create a world where young people feel heard and included. We want them to feel like they can use products that make them feel and smell good whilst also doing good for the planet. Nature has always been at the for-front of what we do and we to inspire people to connect to nature through the products we create.

Malika & Jodi - Founders

Natural ingredients

No allergens

Recyclable packaging

Australian made

No animal testing

No parabens

No aluminum


No allergens pressed extracts

Recyclable packaging


No animal testing

No parabens

No phthalates


Making the switch to natural deodorant.

Newbie to the deodorant game? Just jump right in with a couple of swipes under your arms for all-day freshness.


For anti-perspirant users making the switch to natural deodorant, sometimes it can take a little time to adjust to this new glorious experience. How much you sweat and smells depends on your genetics, health, level of exercise and diet, so there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Give us time and within a week or so your body will be clean of any past anti-perspirant aluminium (ick) and Wildhood will be working wonders.


Choose from our range of four delicious scents and say goodbye to sneaky underarm sniffing and pesky shirt stains so you can live every day exactly how you want to. 


It's simple - start with good ingredients. Made in Australia with wild spirits in mind.


As Aussies, we love the ocean and do our very best to take care of the environment. Wildhood remains deeply committed to ensuring our products are sustainable and eco-friendly. Like anyone, we can't claim to be fully there yet, but until we are, we look for new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Stand with us and take care of this wonderful planet we are so lucky to share.